Instagram and Facebook do not send you email asking for login information

I’ve been seeing in the news that a lot of people have been targeted by new look on a old type of scam. This scam currently runs on that people wanting valid blue check mark on their profile. According the news the people are asked to fill out a form with username and password, email address and other information. People should never do this. Facebook and Instagram never do this. If people want to apply for a blue verification mark on Instagram they can do so within the app it self.

Never hand over your password and email information for your social media accounts. Also set-up two factor authentication that does not use sms for sending the code. Since sms messages are unencrypted and in the United States takeover of sim cards accounts is a problem. The best is to try and secure your account and data. Never trust emails that claim to be from Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites because those websites never ask you about password or other log-in information for your account.