Website censorship increases in Denmark

It seems that in Denmark the censorship of websites has been increasing over the past few years. The list of blocked websites in for the year 2016 Denmark is long and is longer then comparable list from the year 2015. Most of the websites that are blocked are pirate websites along with questionable gambling websites. Most of the websites also seems to have been blocked without getting a proper way trough the court system and have only been blocked at the request of the rights holders (copyright holders). Since this process lacks court oversight and proper procedure. It is not acceptable in my view that copyrights holder gets to block websites just because they say so, that allows for an abuse and that is unacceptable. The block message in Denmark should also show the correct law if those can be found to start with.

Websites blocked in Denmark 2015 can be found here (Danish, pdf).
Websites blocked in Denmark 2016 can be found here (Danish, pdf).

What people see in Denmark when they go to a blocked website.

The blocked message at YouSee/TDC network (mobile). This image is in public domain.

This is the blocked message that Stofa shows people. This image is in public domain.

This type of censorship of the internet is dangerous and not acceptable in my view. But weak government allows this without any oversight or questions. It is also a question of this blocking is allowed at all under Danish law (the constitution of Denmark) that prohibits censorship of all type in Denmark.