Welcome to technical thinking

This is my new website, I’ve owned this domain for several years now having it doing nothing. This website is going to be around my technical life, solutions and debugging stuff.

I spend a lot a time on the computer and I’ve done so for many years. While I’m not employed in the IT industry due to lack of education in the field I know a lot, since I’ve learned a lot over the years and I’m not going to stop learning about computers or IT.

While the subjects covered are going to be different I plan on trying to update this website with new articles when I can and I’m able to. What size and shape those articles are going to be unknown at the moment. I have found that technical websites on the internet today are more of the click bate nature, rather then providing actual solutions to the problems. This website is not about providing solutions to problems that my readers get into. What I’ve been thinking is that I’m going to provide solutions to problems that I get into so it can help someone later that gets into the same issue later and might find that article with an internet search.

At least I’m going to see where and how this develops over the coming years. I currently have knowledge of Linux (most distros), FreeBSD and Windows XP/10. I never used Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 extensively to learn them.

I’m also not going to be on Facebook with this website, since Facebook has started to limit my reach on that platform. Unless I pay and I don’t want to pay Facebook anything. Since they suck at service and always have.

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