Democratic discussions are not possible on social media (Facebook, Twitter, others)

While “arguing” with paid Turkish twitter trolls I got a warning from Twitter about that my account had been temporarily limited for 12 hours. This suggests that I got mass reported by a swarm of twitter troll accounts from Turkey. As they don’t accept any argument of facts of any type of shape. I have long suspected that enemies of freedom and democracy would abuse the security features of social media to silence anyone that argues with them with facts and few minor curse words. After I got the warning from Twitter or the “limited functionality” I processed to block the twitter trolls in question.

What about no and fuck you. I’m not interested in ending in jail in Turkey. Screenshot from Twitter.

Fake accounts is a big problem as explained here in this Guardian article. This person and an other account like it was used to flood my replay and to drown it in pro Erdogan message that everything is fine and Turkey is a democratic country today. While the fact is that is far away from the truth as it possible can be.

As social media is no longer useful to discuss democracy or anything else. I’ll keep to my writing here in the future. At least I won’t get banned from doing so (I host my own website for security reasons).

I forgot the screenshot the warning I got from Twitter. But I got the same message as is explained in this article here. Telling paid twitter propaganda bots (fake account) to fuck off is not abusive behavior. Its a civil duty to do so (it also keeps the trolls away), but because of this. I’ll have to do so here since social media is loosing all meaning and usefulness due to this facts on how social media allows the real abusers to roam free, while punishing those that oppose them severely.

For a long time now I haven’t trusted social media (for many reasons). That’s why I split my account of Iceland geology into its own twitter account just in case this would happen. As it turns out, it did. I drew from my experience with Facebook on this matter and built my own policy from it. That policy is not going to change now and my paranoia of social media is only going to grow from this point forward.

I’ll continue to use social media for now, mostly due to network lock-in and other such annoyances. But trusting it is now out of the question. Since social media companies do not have the will to remove accounts that undermine democratic values, they don’t remove those accounts as they want to keep profits up on cost of society and everything that comes with it. It is also fact, as stated in the documentary “Hypernormalisation” the fact that “angry people click more”. That keeps profit up for social media companies today and has done so for a long time now.