Broadcast television and cable are thing of the past

Both broadcast television (over an antenna and satellite) and cable television are going to be thing of the past before the end of the 21st century arrives. This change isn’t going to happen quickly since most economics don’t work that way. This is going to happen slowly over the next few decades.

What people are moving towards is Netflix, Amazon Prime or some other streaming services. What makes that difficult in the long run is how many services people have to sign up for in order to watch some of the shows they want to watch. This is were DVD and Blu-ray comes in (since not all television shows can be bought on blu-ray today). People are just going to buy the series the want to watch on physical media format. That also removes the risk of them missing out of the show they are watching if it is removed from their streaming service due to a licence issue or licence expiring and not getting renewed (this happens a lot) by the streaming service in question.

This progress that is going to result in the end of broadcast television is going to take a long time. I fully expect that broadcast television to exist in some form when I turn 90 years old (if I ever reach that old age). But what I am expecting by then that current number of channels is going to have dropped considerably from what it is today. How many channels are going to the dustbin of history I don’t know. What I do expect for Europe that public channels are going to be the longest running television channels, the private sector might not do well or be wiped out completely by the year 2070.

I am going to keep receiving broadcast television. Both with antenna and satellite dish. What I won’t do (if I can avoid it) is to buy a subscription packages with advertisement infested television station. That is just a waste of money and time. I do like to watch the news (in current crazy time it is better to do so) and for the next few months to years (I’m not sure for how long) that might require me to get a television package so I can watch the international news stations. As for other television stations with television shows that I might be interested in watching. I am just going to keep buying dvd, blu-rays, Netflix and Amazon Prime in order to see those shows.