You can’t drill a hole in iPhone 7 for Mini-jack

Currently on YouTube there is a video calming that you can drill an hole in it for a mini-jack audio plug-in. This video is completely fake and false. The reason why this doesn’t work is quite simple. Drilling a hole into your mobile phone (expensive mobile phone) is never going to work. All that is going to do is to destroy the phone, as it damages the motherboard and the screen in the process. This type of activity is not covered by any type of warranty. You also need a digital to analogue audio chip on the motherboard for the audio jack, all this needs to be properly soldered on the motherboard. iPhone 7 doesn’t have this digital to analogue chip and is also missing the plug-in part for the mini-jack, that doesn’t magically appear when a hole is drilled into the iPhone 7 frame.

Here is the Youtube video making fool out of people and damaging there iPhone 7 (they are expensive, because Apple).

If you are thinking about doing this. Don’t, it’s stupid and it doesn’t work and is going to void the warranty on your iPhone 7.

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